Choi Kwang Do 
of South hills

Phone: 412-480-6520

All ages can have fun while learning self defense, respect and self control.   We started teaching Choi Kwang Do in the South hills in 2008 and were pleasantly surprised how quickly it has grown.  It seems people see the value in the classes right away.  We appreciate you taking the time to look at our website and look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Come join us for a free class.  We look forward to meeting you. 

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Customer Testimonials

*  Since participating in Choi Kwang Do, my son has gained a quiet confidence.  Following each class, he stands tall and proudly demonstrates what he has learned. He conveys the respectful culture and quiet reverence of his classes with conviction, to all who will listen. It is a constructive break from the persistent noise and rapid events of a soccer field. He feels that he can "think, hear better and slow down" when he works with Dawn. Where as cheering and coaching has it's place for all children in sports, this is a needed divergence where my son can focus on his body, his mind, his confidence, and to learn a skill that gives balance to the fast paced world he lives in. He knows that he is learning to fend off conflict, and to defend himself, yet he insists that it is not about altercation, but about having the self-assurance, poise, and skill to handle a situation without aggression.

*  Hi Dawn its Mary my comments are that this ia a very good experience for kids especially when they are young to learn about respect, self esteem and being able to focus on what is right as well as having a little fun learning. I also think it is a healthy activity. My son Duane just loves it.

*  I love that values are impressed upon the kids; respecting teachers and parents, listening to others, honor, teaching self confidence, etc. 

 I think it’s important to tell potential clients that there are other aspects to the class, besides the obvious physical things.